• 7 months ago

    Increase engagement in your Community with Profiles & Mentions

    We've improved how you and your students can connect and build a more valuable learning network within your Community with Profiles & Mentions.

    Profiles make it easy for students to share a bit about themselves and connect with one another within your Community, while helping you better understand and engage with your audience.

    Mentions allow you and your students to tag members in response to a post, or directly communicate with one another, enabling lively conversations that maintain momentum—giving your students a reason to keep coming back.

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  • 9 months ago

    The latest apps to hit the Thinkific App Store

    Are you ready to see your course completion rates soar? How about seeing a massive uptick in course purchases? The latest apps help you create powerful video onboarding journeys, easily embed video testimonials from your customers, and provide engaging learning simulations for your students.


    Bonjoro is a powerful video onboarding app that helps course creators welcome new students with easy-to-make, interactive video messages. The most successful course creators leverage personalized onboarding sequences to make sure students feel welcomed & supported from day one.


    Hoist makes it easy for course creators to collect and share video testimonials on their landing pages. When it comes to convincing prospective students to purchase your course, nothing is more powerful than seeing the smiling faces of current & past students. 


    If you’re running a course that prepares students for certification or exams, then SimpleSim is here to set them up for success. SimpleSim provides an immersive testing simulation that feels as close to the real thing as possible.



    DialogForm lets creators add conversational style lessons to their Thinkific courses. Not only does this keep students engaged but it also allows teachers to check student understanding using questions within the flow of the conversation.

    Add new learning experiences to your lessons and sell more courses in no time. Check out all of the apps available in the Thinkific App Store today.

  • 10 months ago

    2021 Thinkific New Feature Roundup

    It’s been an exciting and busy year for Thinkific as we took our company public, invested in growing our team, and directed all those resources to better support your business as you successfully build, grow, and scale with amazing online courses.

    Hear from CEO Greg Smith and our product team about all the new features released in 2021.

    Look out for regular video updates filling you in on all the latest and greatest things that we’re doing here for you at Thinkific. We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next.

  • 11 months ago

    Introducing the Plus Portal

    Plus account Site Owners can now use the Plus Portal to quickly switch between multiple environments. No more logging in and out, or managing multiple login credentials - all your sites are just a click away!

    What is the Plus Portal?
    The Plus Portal is a feature that allows you to easily manage multiple environments by enabling you to quickly switch between the Admin Dashboards of each of your Thinkific Plus accounts. This means you no longer have to login to each site separately and use different login credentials for each - everything is centralized and secure.

    How do I access the Plus Portal?
    All the learning environments created under your Plus account will be displayed in a small panel at the top left of the Thinkific Admin Dashboard. This panel will display the name of the current environment, along with the Plus Portal button. Clicking the button will take you to the main Plus Portal view.

  • 11 months ago

    Students can now share about your courses on social media!

    With Social Sharing your students can now easily share what they are learning  -- and promote your course! --  with their social network.

    Students can now:

    • Share after completing each lesson or chapter

    • Share when they have completed 100% of a course

    Your students can now not only share their progress, but also a link to your course landing page, in a personalized post before publishing to their favorite social channel.

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