Jan 09 - Course Templates

You now have access to six course templates to help you organize your ideas and convert your expert knowledge into marketable courses even faster! Each template is built with learning best practices in mind, but you can also start from scratch if you have a set design.

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Dec 14 - Pass Variables to Multimedia Lessons

Available on the updated Course Player, you can now pass data via URL parameters into your multimedia lessons in Thinkific.

If you're embedding a Typeform, for example, you can pass student information — like name or email — right into the survey via hidden fields.

Learn more about using hidden fields in multimedia lessons »

Dec 11 - Bookmark Your Advanced Searches

Built on top of the super powerful Advanced Search features released this Fall, you can now bookmark filtered searches in your Users Report.

That means you can quickly access actionable data to help you grow your business, like sales or cross-promotion opportunities.

Learn all about bookmarks »

❄️ Let it Snow! ❄️

Now that it's officially December, add some extra festive cheer to your course site by enabling Holiday Mode (via the top nav)!

Once enabled, snow will appear on your landing pages, but not the course player or checkout. And it won't last forever - the snow will automatically stop falling January 2nd. Get it while it lasts!

NOV 17 - Watch Your Monthly Thinkific Update

We've released a lot of amazing things for Thinkific course creators this month so we made a 3-minute round-up of the best new features, resources, and news for you to watch.

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NOV 6 - Customizable Weekly Reminder Emails

Your Weekly Reminder Emails in Thinkific are now customizable, just like your Welcome and Completion Emails.

Learn more about Weekly Reminder Emails »

NOV 02 - Filter Users by Course Progress

You can now organize, export, and message your students based on progress in specific courses with a new filter in the Advanced Search on your Users view.

Learn more about the Users Report and Advanced Search »

OCT 5 - Updated Users View

Organizing, exporting, and messaging your students just got a whole lot easier thanks to an update to the Users view.

Some serious under-the-hood improvements mean your Users Report and Advanced Search are faster and more powerful than ever.

Learn more about the Users Report and Advanced Search »

SEP 20 - Updated Sign In

You can now log in without your course URL, and access any course sites with the same credentials thanks to an updated sign in on the Thinkific website (or via https://www.thinkific.com/signin ).

You'll see any course sites using your email address to log in, and can immediately access any that share both email and password.

Check it out (and bookmark this link :D ) »

SEP 15 - Optional Auto Reload

You can now choose whether you'd like the Page Builder to reload automatically. When Auto Reload is disabled, you'll see a Reload button to reflect any changes you've made.

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