• 12 days ago

    Turn your Community into a classroom with Live Events

    Learning is more impactful when it’s communal, and ongoing rituals of coming together help to maintain student engagement, momentum and loyalty. Today, your students can get even more value from Thinkific Communities with Live Events

    Within your Community, you’ll see Events in the left menu. From here, you can schedule and organize synchronous learning activities, including lectures, workshops, Q&A, coaching and more.

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    We built this with flexibility in mind, so you can use the video conferencing software of choice, and then simply copy-paste the link into your Community to run your live event. 

    These new Live Events features are just the beginning, which means this is the first iteration of many. We’re listening to feedback and improving every step of the way, so watch this space for more exciting updates and opportunities with Live Events!

  • 14 days ago

    Keep your Community members engaged and up to date with web notifications

    Communities are a powerful tool for bringing your audience together to connect, share knowledge, answer questions and learn from each other. But a critical part of driving that engagement is ensuring that no matter where they are, your members know what’s going on in your community. 

    Today, we’ve launched web-app notifications in your Community, which ensures your members will learn about new and relevant conversations happening in your community, now through email and your site.

    Your new Notification Center is now in the header of your Community, and will allow you and your students to quickly see:

    • When a member is added to a Community
    • When someone @ mentions you or a member in a post
    • When someone comments on your or a member’s post
    • When someone replies to your or a member’s comment

    Click below to learn more about Community web notifications, and what's coming up next!

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  • 3 months ago

    Your Admin Dashboard is now more intuitive

    The learning experience that you create for your audience is more than just your course. We've recently reorganized your Admin Dashboard to allow you to more easily build and manage your other learning products like Communities, Memberships and Bundles, alongside your Courses.

    This newly decluttered dashboard is now more intuitive to your workflow, so you can focus on creating a rich, engaging learning experience—all in one place.

    Click below to learn more about what’s changed in your dashboard.

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    Note: These Admin Dashboard Updates are currently only being released to a portion of our customers, so not every creator will see the layout described above; however, you will be able to take all the same actions, regardless of which layout you are seeing.

  • 3 months ago

    The Thinkific App Store has 80+ apps for you to grow your business faster.

    Explore which ones are most popular with other course creators.

    Remember when you first bought your smartphone? It did everything you really needed it to do, but it didn’t feel like yours until you started installing some of your favourite apps (like, say, your go-to meditation app or… Candy Crush). 

    The same goes for your online learning business. 

    Thinkific does a TON right out of the box, but the 80+ apps available in the Thinkific App Store help you launch and run a business that feels like it was specifically designed for you and your students.

    The result? Happier students. Faster growth. More success. Win-win-win. 😎

    Last week, we celebrated one year of the Thinkific App Store helping course creators like you to…

    So, no matter what stage you’re at in your entrepreneurial journey, the Thinkific App Store is right by your side as you grow and expand your business! 

    Every single month, we’re adding more apps for you to fall in love with. Get started with the Thinkific App Store by exploring our Most Popular apps today.

  • 3 months ago

    Boost engagement by connecting your course with your community

    A community can be a rewarding, interactive, safe environment in which students can take what they’ve learned in your course and apply it. When done right, Communities can be a powerful hub of activity and engagement that actually enhances your course offering. 

    It’s important to create a strong connection between your course and your community so they don’t just feel like separate tasks, but a blended, cohesive learning experience.

    Today, your students can seamlessly access your Communities from your course—in just one click. 

    The Course & Community Connection allows students to easily navigate from within your course directly to a Space within your Community. 

    Once set up, your students will see a card in their Course Player, which they can click to be taken directly to your Community. 

    Ready to set up your Course & Community Connection?

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