Edit comments and posts in Communities

You and your students can now edit your posts and comments in Thinkific Communities, allowing you to fix a typo, switch an attachment, or get that emoji juuuuust right. More info here»

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Communities are a great way to run cohort-based classes and provide one-to-many feedback outside of the noise and distractions of Facebook.

Make Bundles Private

You can now make Bundles private, which allows you to:

  • Manage exclusivity: set up an application or interview process before students can enroll in your course (OR stop new people from enrolling after you reach a certain limit).
  • Manage students at scale: it's now easier than ever to bulk enroll students into specific courses, all while preserving reporting at the Bundle-level.
  • B2B selling: create exclusive programs for private clients, without others being able enroll in these bundles without your permission.

Your private Bundles can include both public and private courses, giving you the flexibility to set access however you want.

More info here »

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New Intercom Integration

You can now connect your Thinkific and Intercom accounts, which allows you to see the full context of who you are chatting with and gives you the ability to manage their account (add or remove them from courses) directly from the chat. More info here »


Improved Preview as Student

You now you have three options to view your course content, giving you a clearer picture of your students' experience:

student preview.gif

  1. Preview current lesson: View the lesson that you currently have selected in the Course Builder.
  2. Preview all course lessons: This will show you all of your lessons in sequence -- including drafts.
  3. Preview course as an enrolled student: View all courses in sequence, just as a student would experience your course -- but does not show drafts.

More info here »

Search Added to Groups Table

You can now find all of your different Groups directly and easily using a search bar at the top of the page. group search.png

More info about how to use Groups here »

Live Lessons with Zoom

Adding live content to your courses is now easier than ever with the introduction of Live Lessons.

That means you can schedule and host live interactive video lessons directly within Thinkific using Zoom.

Learn more about Live Lessons »

You'll see the Live Lesson option when you add a new lesson to any of your courses.

Note: Live Lessons will be available on Pro plans and above, but are currently available on all plans until December 31, 2020 to help everyone through these times of economic uncertainty.

New Quiz & Survey Reporting by Student

Within each individual student's profile you will now find a "Quiz & Survey" tab. Here you can get a much better sense of each individual's performance across all the courses they're enrolled in. You can now:

  • See all Quizzes and Surveys your student has completed
  • See scores for each quiz
  • Download a CSV of all individual answers

Find more information about this feature here »

Updated Page Picker within Site Builder

The "Page Picker" in Site Builder has been updated to make it easier to choose destination pages on buttons and header links. Here's how:

  • You'll now see a blue reminder state, and a red error state when links are incomplete;
  • Other pages are now grouped under the "Another page…" option;
  • Custom URLs (and emails) are now validated;
  • And if there's only one product when selecting a product checkout page, that option will be automatically selected.

More info on site builder buttons here »

Improved Site Builder Navigation

We've made some changes to Site Builder to make it easier to use and see what you're editing.

You'll see

  • Increased focus on the section you're editing (or an arrow if the section isn't currently shown)
  • A new button within each section when you hover over so you can jump immediately to editing that section

Duplicate a Certificate Design

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 2.46.30 PM.png

You can now dulicate a cetificate you've already designed as a starting point for your next certificate.

Just click the ellipsis menu on any certificate and then "Duplicate" (as shown above).