JUL 14 - New Text Editor


The updated text editor has new functionality like Undo & Redo, color selection by hex code, and the ability to clear formatting. It might look similar but it’s been rebuilt from the ground up to be more reliable and make editing your content super easy.

Learn more about the new Text Editor »

JUL 6 - Updated Page Builder

New Feature

An updated drag and drop page builder and three new themes mean your pages are more customizable than ever!

Learn more about the Updated Page Builder »

JUN 23 - Infusionsoft: Students Can Update Their Credit Card From Thinkific


As part of ongoing improvements to Thinkific’s Infusionsoft integration, new students added to your courses via the integration can update their credit card information with the changes also reflected in Infusionsoft.

Check out all the details in the Help Center »

JUN 21- Affiliate Commissions by Dollar Value


You can now adjust your affiliate commissions to be a dollar value (eg. $10), or a percent! Select either value when setting up new users, or edit the profile of existing affiliates if you want to update them. :D

JUN 9 - Integrations Get a Face Lift!


If you're looking to integrate your existing marketing and sales stacks with Thinkific, we've made it a lot easier to find the app you're looking to connect!

Go to your Integrations page in the Admin Dashboard to see what I mean!

JUN 7 - Sort Orders by Date!


Want to quickly view recent orders this month, over the last month, or even year? How about a custom time period when you ran that amazing promotion? Want to export that data too?

Now you can by sorting and exporting with the new date picker on your Orders report:

Give it a try by going to Orders in your Admin Dashboard menu, under Reports!

JUN 6 - SSL for Everyone!

New Feature

Now available for any Thinkific course creator: Free SSL certificates for your course site, even if you have a custom domain!

Just head over to your your course site's Advanced Settings to enable SSL:

If you want to learn more about Thinkific's SSL certificates you can find more information at our knowledge base.

If you're not sure why you should enable SSL on your course site, head over to our freshest blog post on the topic right here.

APR 18 - Enroll New Users As You Create Them!


You can now enroll the user you're creating in a published course on your Thinkific site in one step!

You can also save your changes to create the user and then immediately start on your next manually added user using the new "Save & Create Another" button:

APR 11 - Download your videos!


Ever lose a video and the only place you have it backed up is on your Thinkific course site?! Well, we wanted to make it less of a hassle for you to download the videos you upload to your course site's video library, so we added a button!

Say hello to my little friend, the Download button:

APR 5 - Did you say drag and drop?


COMING SOON: New Site Themes!

We're working hard on an update to the way you work on your course site's pages that we think you're going to love.

Watch the video below for a SNEAK PREVIEW and tell us what you think!

Pretty soon, you'll be able to add new blocks of content to your course landing pages, reorder or remove sections, and style them just the way you want, all from the Thinkific course landing page builder.

This is the foundation for some amazing future upgrades for the rest of your course site. The upgrade train has left the station and the first stop is your course landing page designer!

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