Improved Site Builder Navigation

We've made some changes to Site Builder to make it easier to use and see what you're editing.

You'll see

  • Increased focus on the section you're editing (or an arrow if the section isn't currently shown)
  • A new button within each section when you hover over so you can jump immediately to editing that section

Duplicate a Certificate Design

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 2.46.30 PM.png

You can now dulicate a cetificate you've already designed as a starting point for your next certificate.

Just click the ellipsis menu on any certificate and then "Duplicate" (as shown above).

New Custom Text Variables

To make customizing your site even easier, we've added some of the most commonly asked phrases or terms (like "lesson", "courses", "dashboard", etc) to the items you can change from your settings.

Learn more about customizing default site text »

New Certificates Page

Your certificates pages are styled using Site Builder and you can add custom sections including upsells.

The new Thinkific Certificates pages now include:

  • Social sharing: Students can share their certificate on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter. Plus copy the URL to share anywhere, or download their certificate.
  • Verify authenticity: Certificate IDs on the page build trust by letting others verify authenticity.

Learn more about Thinkific Certificates »

Theme Update

618-21cb324559076d4051834647f62ed79d6bc2bc4f.png There’s a new update for all Site Builder themes (Version 1.16.4 for Empire and Version 1.16.3 for Vogue and Vision) that:

  • Enables for the customization of Certificates pages
  • Fixes a ton of small bugs
  • Changes course cards for completed courses so that either "Replay Course" or "Rate This Course" shows depending on whether reviews are enabled.

To update your theme, head to your Theme Library, and click the Update Theme button (shown below :D ).

Reminder: Any code customizations will be reset with a theme update.

New Training: Content & Curriculum

We’ve made our training on creating an effective curriculum & engaging lesson content completely FREE for all Thinkific users.

Start the FREE training »

A example lesson on how to choose the best lesson format

Take this course to learn how to:

  • Draft a course curriculum with instructional design best practices.
  • Create engaging lesson content without spending $1000s.
  • Give students great learning experiences.
  • Build your course in Thinkific quickly & easily.

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Custom Fields Improvements

If you're using custom fields in Thinkific you can now:

  • Re-order them however you'd like
  • Select a prioritized country for the country dropdown

Speedier Exports

As part of our ongoing efforts to optimize performance, your Users, Orders, and Groups Progress exports have been improved so your CSVs are now exported up to 400% faster!

Blog Redesign

Your home for the best tips, resources and strategies to create and launch a successful online course just got a facelift. It's now even easier to navigate and get the content you want.

Check out the Thinkific Blog »

Early Access: New Streamlined Checkout

You can now opt into a test of the new Streamlined Checkout.

The new student checkout was built from the ground up with the goal of converting more of your visitors into students. Account creation and billing details are on a single page, plus there’s increased visibility of trust indicators, and more details about the purchase.

By opting into the Streamlined Checkout A/B Test, each of your visitors will have a 50/50 chance of seeing either the existing checkout, or the new single page checkout.

Learn more about the test »