• 4 months ago

    Site pages makes navigating your course pages a breeze

    Sites pages streamlines the way you build your course page; whether it’s your very first or tenth. This redesigned experience allows Creators to more easily find a page with tiled previews, focus on relevant pages by hiding default pages, and access pages with an improved Site Builder navigation.

    With less clicks and a more intuitive interface; you’ll be building, editing, and launching your course and course page in less time. 

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  • 4 months ago

    Create marketable course pages in less time

    Updates to the Empire, Vision, and Vogue site themes allow Creators to instantly create marketable pages for their site based off content in their course. These upgraded site themes provide a simpler and more straightforward experience to help you build out one of your most important marketing assets as a Creator – your course page. This update also improves upon the themes with enhanced page sections, re-designed product cards, and additional site customizations. 

    Whether you’re a veteran Creator with multiple courses or a new Creator looking to launch your first course, create high-converting pages to share and connect with your students.

  • 4 months ago

    Manage Communities alongside your course content

    As of today, Communities have moved from Support Your Students and now live under Manage Learning Content in the Admin Dashboard.

    Communities are an important part of the unique learning experience that you create for your students, and can be a powerful hub of activity and engagement alongside your course offering. 

    Today, you can build and manage your Communities alongside your Courses, creating a rich, engaging learning offering—all in one place.

    Ready to create your first Community?

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  • 6 months ago

    Enhanced Security with New Multi-factor Authentication

    Your security is our top priority, and today we’ve further enhanced how we protect your Thinkific course and site. You can now add an additional layer of security in protecting your course site by implementing Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for site owners and admins. 

    By requiring an additional step to log in, you can reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your Thinkific site. This helps protect your intellectual property, site user information, payment collection methods and other data across your site. 

    In this opt-in, two-step process, you will need to sign in to Thinkific using your email and password, and will then be prompted to provide a time-limited password through an authenticator app from a secondary, trusted device, like your mobile phone for example.

    Using an authenticator app adds an extra layer of protection from common attacks, and there are a number of great options to choose from, including Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile and Authy. This can be easily downloaded from the App Store on your mobile, or other trusted device.

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  • 6 months ago

    Set Up Bulk Recurring Live Lessons Easily

    Do you like supporting your students learning experience with live sessions using Zoom? Have you ever wished it could be easier to offer recurring lessons without the additional administrative work to set these up? 

    Well, now you can create live lessons in bulk and recurring meetings in Zoom. You have the option to create these meetings or lessons repeated by day, week or month up to 50 meetings or lessons.

    If you need to make changes to a specific lesson within the recurring series, you can easily apply edits to individual lessons. To edit all meetings or lessons, you can easily delete all occurrences and create new recurring meetings and lessons.

    Learn more about how to set up recurring live lessons.