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APR 18 - Enroll New Users As You Create Them!


You can now enroll the user you're creating in a published course on your Thinkific site in one step!

You can also save your changes to create the user and then immediately start on your next manually added user using the new "Save & Create Another" button:

APR 11 - Download your videos!


Ever lose a video and the only place you have it backed up is on your Thinkific course site?! Well, we wanted to make it less of a hassle for you to download the videos you upload to your course site's video library, so we added a button!

Say hello to my little friend, the Download button:

APR 5 - Did you say drag and drop?


COMING SOON: New Site Themes!

We're working hard on an update to the way you work on your course site's pages that we think you're going to love.

Watch the video below for a SNEAK PREVIEW and tell us what you think!

Pretty soon, you'll be able to add new blocks of content to your course landing pages, reorder or remove sections, and style them just the way you want, all from the Thinkific course landing page builder.

This is the foundation for some amazing future upgrades for the rest of your course site. The upgrade train has left the station and the first stop is your course landing page designer!

MAR 23 - Find Your Courses Faster


Now featured on your My Courses page is a handy search bar that can find your courses quickly!

Search by the name of your course, or by the name of your instructor to cut down on the scrolling if you have more than a handful of courses!

Check it out:

We love saving you time ;)

MAR 17 - Move-It March is Building Momentum!


Want to learn how to get more enrollments in your online course? Of course you do!

Join us for Move-It March and each week you get a worksheet and a live webinar that will teach you tactics you can use today to get more enrollments!

And did I mention we're giving away a prize pack?!

You Could Win:

  • 3 Months of Thinkific's Business Plan
  • A one-on-one coaching call with a Thinkific Expert
  • An amazing Thinkific swag pack including one of our famous hoodies!

Get the worksheet, do the work, and get enrollments and you're entered to win!

More details here >>

MAR 13 - Sticky Toolbars for Text Editing!


Things just got sticky at Thinkific!

You know our WYSIWYG editor toolbar? You know, the one that usually stays at the top of the page when you're editing something really big?

Well, now it stays with you as you edit your text!

Check it out:

MAR 7 - Send Students to a Password Reset Form by URL

New Feature

Ever have a student forget their password? It's can be a frustrating experience for the student who doesn't know how to resolve the problem. Thankfully we made it easier for you to help them!

All you need to do is send them a special link with some of their user data added to it.

Here's the formula:

https://[Your course site URL here]/users/password/new?email=[Your student's email here]


When your student clicks on that link, they'll be sent to a form to enter their email and get password reset instructions!


MAR 2 - Un-enroll students using Infusionsoft


Good news for those of you using our Infusionsoft integration -

In addition to enrolling students who pay you via Infusionsoft's checkout, you can now unenroll them too! This allows you to fully automate the management of your subscriptions and payment plans, automatically unenrolling students who cancel their subscription or miss a payment. Hooray!

Learn more about the Infusionsoft integration on our knowledge base

FEB 16 - Learn How We Build Features at Thinkific

Blog Article

Ever felt curious about what happens to your feature requests once you send them in?

Peek behind the curtain with our latest blog post

FEB 15 - Thinkific Notifications Address Change!


Just a quick heads up that automatic email (notifications, purchases, etc.) sent from Thinkific will now be arriving from the address (instead of

This switch will improve the deliverability of notification emails. If you have email filters you've set up previously, you might need to update them depending on how they were configured. For most customers, you shouldn't notice the change and no action is required!

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