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MAR 23 - Find Your Courses Faster


Now featured on your My Courses page is a handy search bar that can find your courses quickly!

Search by the name of your course, or by the name of your instructor to cut down on the scrolling if you have more than a handful of courses!

Check it out:

We love saving you time ;)

MAR 17 - Move-It March is Building Momentum!


Want to learn how to get more enrollments in your online course? Of course you do!

Join us for Move-It March and each week you get a worksheet and a live webinar that will teach you tactics you can use today to get more enrollments!

And did I mention we're giving away a prize pack?!

You Could Win:

  • 3 Months of Thinkific's Business Plan
  • A one-on-one coaching call with a Thinkific Expert
  • An amazing Thinkific swag pack including one of our famous hoodies!

Get the worksheet, do the work, and get enrollments and you're entered to win!

More details here >>

MAR 13 - Sticky Toolbars for Text Editing!


Things just got sticky at Thinkific!

You know our WYSIWYG editor toolbar? You know, the one that usually stays at the top of the page when you're editing something really big?

Well, now it stays with you as you edit your text!

Check it out:

MAR 7 - Send Students to a Password Reset Form by URL

New Feature

Ever have a student forget their password? It's can be a frustrating experience for the student who doesn't know how to resolve the problem. Thankfully we made it easier for you to help them!

All you need to do is send them a special link with some of their user data added to it.

Here's the formula:

https://[Your course site URL here]/users/password/new?email=[Your student's email here]


When your student clicks on that link, they'll be sent to a form to enter their email and get password reset instructions!


MAR 2 - Un-enroll students using Infusionsoft


Good news for those of you using our Infusionsoft integration -

In addition to enrolling students who pay you via Infusionsoft's checkout, you can now unenroll them too! This allows you to fully automate the management of your subscriptions and payment plans, automatically unenrolling students who cancel their subscription or miss a payment. Hooray!

Learn more about the Infusionsoft integration on our knowledge base

FEB 16 - Learn How We Build Features at Thinkific

Blog Article

Ever felt curious about what happens to your feature requests once you send them in?

Peek behind the curtain with our latest blog post

FEB 15 - Thinkific Notifications Address Change!


Just a quick heads up that automatic email (notifications, purchases, etc.) sent from Thinkific will now be arriving from the address (instead of

This switch will improve the deliverability of notification emails. If you have email filters you've set up previously, you might need to update them depending on how they were configured. For most customers, you shouldn't notice the change and no action is required!

FEB 07 - Your Students Can Now Update Their Credit Cards!


Ever have a student want to change their credit card on file and you had to end up doing it for them? Now you can tell them to do it themselves!

Click here for more information!

Students can now:

  • Go to their My Account page after logging in
  • Switch to the Billing tab
  • Select the Update button there
  • Edit or remove their credit card information

NOTE: Students who remove their credit card details will have active subscriptions to courses or bundles removed, ending their enrollment.

Confused? Give us a shout!

FEB 07 - Need a Quick Refresher Course?


We've just updated our course on how to use Thinkific on our training site!

It's called How to Use Thinkific (I swear we're creative) and it's completely refreshed to show you how to get the most out of the platform!

Jump into the course learn more!

JAN 26 - Your Account Page Just Got an Upgrade!


Going to your My Account page just got a whole lot nicer! We're happy to tell you that you can now see more detail about your current subscription plan with Thinkific.

From Starter to Advanced, you can now easily:

  • See your current subscription plan
  • View past invoices
  • Update your payment method
  • Upgrade to the next tier (but only when you're ready)

We're busy cooking up amazing updates for you, so stay tuned by checking the changelog!

JAN 25 - Easily Switch Courses While Editing

New Feature

Getting tired of having to go back to My Courses to switch over to edit another course? We knew it! That's why we've added a handy drop-down menu right in the Course Builder so you can switch with ease.

Explore this new feature by opening a course from My Courses.

JAN 25 - Get Notified When a Student Cancels a Subscription!


In the Notifications section of your Admin Dashboard, you can now enable email notifications when your students cancel their subscriptions.

We've been working hard to improve how email notifications work on your Thinkific course site.

See our previous changelog update for more details!

JAN 17 - Improved Email Notifications!


Sending and receiving email notifications from your course site is now a more pleasant experience for both you and your students.

Recent changes to email notifications:

  • Add any email address in the CC line of your Course Welcome and Course Completion emails!
  • Your students now have a link to manage how they receive emails from your course site (e.g. unsubscribing)!
  • You can now segment your users to see who has purchased a bundle on your course site!
  • When your students cancel their subscriptions to your course site, you will get a notification email!
  • Students can update their email addresses in their student profiles!

Looking for more help?

Have questions? Give us a shout!

JAN 13 - Custom Video Thumbnails, Analytics and More!

New Feature

You can now head over your Video Library in the Admin Dashboard of your Thinkific course site to fully customize how videos are presented on your site! As well, you can view each video's crucial analytics so you know how it's performing.

New to the Video Library:

Learn more about the video library here

JAN 13 - Live Editing in the New Course Builder

New Feature

Our latest update to the course builder now makes it possible to edit your course landing pages with a LIVE preview of the changes! Open a course from My Courses and select the Landing Page tab to:

  • Switch out the banner background image and headline text (including font colors!)
  • Update your course description with images, videos and more
  • Create and edit instructor profiles to add a personal touch
  • Hover over your landing page preview for links to make other changes

Learn more about the course builder here

DEC 23 - Course Player: New Look (BETA)


We've launched a new look for our Course Player (what your students see when taking your courses)! This is currently being released as a beta test, and we're looking for as many course creators as possible to help us perfect this release :) You can turn it on in your Basic Settings:

If you choose to participate in our beta program, you’ll see these main differences:

  • An overall faster application
  • An updated look and feel (content header, icons, and more customization coming soon)
  • Content title search (you can now use a search box in the player to find specific lessons)
  • Updated text field editor
  • Improved Discussions experience
  • Improved HTML code-editing experience
  • Upgraded Wistia video player (see more details below)
  • Lessons can be printed out by students in a much nicer layout

Hope you like it!

DEC 19 - New Episode of Thinkific Live


Watch the replay of our fourth episode of Thinkific Live where we go over the news, reviews, and how to's you need to know as a course creator. This week we covered New Year's Resolutions!

DEC 19 - We've Updated Our Zapier Integration


We recently made some updates to our Zapier integration so you can further automate your course sales—which is especially handy right before the holidays!

If you're on our Essentials Plan or higher, you will get improved access to outgoing Zapier Triggers from Thinkific. When you integrate Zapier with Thinkific, you gain a direct line to hundreds of the industry’s most popular email, CRM, and marketing automation platforms—and don’t need to know how to code to connect them.

The new updates will:

  1. Save you money by allowing you to connect more of your existing tools with one integration
  2. Save you time by giving you more control over the way student data is automatically sent to your data management tools

Business Plan users will also get access to incoming Zapier Actions. For example, if you’re using a third-party checkout service like SamCart or WooCommerce to accept payments, you can now directly create new enrollments in Thinkific.

Read our blog post to learn more about how Zapier can help you grow your business.

Or, if you’re ready to unlock your full marketing and selling potential, head to your Integrations page and connect to Zapier!

DEC 12 - New Episode of Thinkific Live


Watch the replay of our third episode of Thinkific Live, the show where we cover the latest news, reviews, and how-tos course creators need to know. Join us in our Facebook Group, Thinkific Studio, next Monday, 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern for the next episode live!

DEC 12 - Introducing Holiday Mode!

New Feature

We've been having so much fun seeing snow in Vancouver lately, we decided to bring a little extra winter cheer to our course creators, too!

Enable Holiday Mode to watch snowflakes fall on your site and course landing pages.

You can find the option to enable the feature in your top navigation bar, or in Basic Settings. Make it stop snowing by disabling the same way.

NOV 29 - New Landing Page Themes

New Feature

We have two new course landing pages in the theme library! Look for Mountain Neutral and Onyx Neutral:

These will allow you to apply the colours you want using your branding options! Click Themes in your left-hand navigation to see the full library.

NOV 24 - Take Our Latest Training Course


Our Lead Product Educator Aaron has been heads down creating an amazing course for newbies (or those of you thinking of testing out an idea for your next course)! Check out his latest training piece here:

NOV 23 - Two New Languages Supported


Romanian and Turkish translations are now supported in Thinkific!

NOV 21 - Latest Fixes


Bundles - You can now smoothly revert pricing for bundles to "Free" if there was previously a price attached to it.

PDFs - PDFs that were difficult to view in Chrome or Firefox should now load without problems across all browsers!

NOV 1 - Export Affiliate Balances as a CSV


You can now export your approved outstanding affiliates' balances as a CSV file to make your payments via PayPal easier! Look for this button on your Affiliates screen:

OCT 25 - Snippets in Themes


Snippets now work for the new themes! For example, if you were having trouble updating your custom site text, everything should be good to go now.

OCT 18 - Student Language Selector

New Feature

You can now allow your enrolled students to select the language they want to see when interacting with the courses on your site!

Find this new functionality under Basic Settings > Language Settings and enable it by checking the box Allow students to override the site language.

Please keep in mind that this setting applies to any standard content generated from Thinkific's end for course player content (i.e. buttons, chapter titles, etc.) and the landing pages (i.e. buttons, site menu, etc.), but any content manually written or uploaded by you will still need to be translated by you.

This will, however, give everything a more consistent experience if you're offering courses in other languages!

OCT 14 - Charitable Donation Badges & Social Sharing Images


Two quick updates to share before the weekend!

When you share your courses on social media (whether it's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other networks) we will automatically display your course card as the preview image! This allows you to control a better brand match between what your users click and what they see on your page.

When you choose to donate part of your course earnings to our partner charity, you will  automatically get access to a downloadable badge that you can display on your site. Thanks for your support!

OCT 12 - Latest Feature Improvements


We've made a number of improvements to our features over the last week!

Bundles - Students will now receive new content you add to bundles within a few hours, rather than upon monthly subscription renewal.

Coupons - You can now search by keyword for coupons you've created!

Discussions - The admin interface has been improved so content previews display more cleanly.

Languages - Polish translations are now supported.

Support - You will now be able to search our Knowledge Base for solutions from directly within the admin dashboard. Look for the little blue "Help" tab in the bottom right corner and click to expand.

OCT 4 - New Themes Available


If you're looking to freshen up your course landing pages, we've made it easier for you to give them a facelift by using our new responsive themes!

Choose from a selection of ready-made designs that you can instantly apply to your site, no coding required. Our new Theme Library will continue to grow, so be sure to check back in to see what's new.

Learn how to apply themes to your course landing pages.

NOTICE - Students Receiving Emails for Old Enrolments


The Good News

We're improving the way students gain access to new courses added to bundles.

The Less Good News

As part of this, some students did receive welcome emails for previous course enrolments. (You may also see this reflected under Recent Enrolments on your admin dashboard.)

Apologies if that's caused any confusion for you or your students.

The emails have now stopped, and watch this space tomorrow for more info on the improvements!

OCT 3 - Set The Renewal Period For Your Subscription Plans


You can now automatically collect payments from your students in custom intervals from 1-12 months for any of your subscription-based courses or bundles! We've had many course creators ask how they can set annual renewal periods or something even more specific (like every 6 months)—so you can now choose to collect whenever it best suits your business.

Look under the Pricing tab in any of your new and existing courses and bundles to see this updated option!

SEP 27 - Make An Impact On Global Youth Education with Our Donations Feature

New Feature

We’ve developed a new feature in Thinkific that allows course creators like you to automatically send a percentage of your course sales to one of our partner non-profits. 

Our first partner is imagine1day, an innovative non-profit tearing down barriers to education in some of the most remote parts of Ethiopia. Our friends at imagine1day have set a big goal that by 2030, all Ethiopian children have access to quality education, free of foreign aid—and we want to help them reach it!

At Thinkific, we believe nothing should stand in the way of education. Our hope is that we’re empowering our course creators to change lives by sharing their knowledge with students all over the world. Now, we can work together to give in a different way.

Learn more about this feature and how to turn it on.

SEP 19 - Introducing the Experts Marketplace!

New Feature

If you have plenty of ideas for your perfect course, but aren't sure how to actually execute them, we've launched something new to help! We've partnered up with some of our Thinkific masters: these folks are the best in their class at content creation, course design, marketing and end-to-end setup.

Now, if you need a little helping hand, you can connect with our network of experienced freelancers. We’re excited to announce the introduction of our Thinkific Experts Marketplace!

Click through to browse our list of trusted experts, who are ready to help you create the courses (and online business) of your dreams.

SEP 15 - New Blog Post: The Best Equipment & Software for Creating Online Courses

Blog Article

After speaking with dozens of successful course creators, Tyler's compiled a comprehensive list of the "best tools in the biz" when it comes to recording, editing and playing back your course content. Feel free to share your own favourites in the comments! Read the blog post here.

SEP 6 - Stunning Integration: Prevent Failed Payments and Recover More Revenue

New Feature

Focus more on the content and people who matter to your business, and less on managing your incoming payments with our new Stunning integration! 

Have you ever wasted time chasing down students with failed and overdue payments, or expired credit card details? You can now connect a Stunning account to help recover more revenue automatically.

Learn more about how this integration can help your business here.

SEP 2 - Filter Users By Active Enrollment

New Feature

You can now use the Advanced Search option in your Users section to create a filter for finding students with the parameter "Has Active Enrollment In" a specific course (or courses). Try it out!

SEP 1 - New Blog Post: Unsure About College? Be An Online Entrepreneur Instead

Blog Article

Rob Galvin coaches teens to discover and start a degree-free career by creating their own business as a digital entrepreneur. In this blog post, Rob refutes some of the biggest misconceptions of today, including the claim that you must attend college in order to have a career and be successful.

Read the guest post here.

AUG 19 - Offer Free Trials & More with Coupons


You can now offer free trials and discounted signups by applying coupons to your Thinkific courses with subscriptions or payment plans! Look for the new option to set a duration when creating your coupons.

This setting is also available when you have multiple payment methods for a course—it’s easier than ever before to generate and distribute coupon codes! Learn more here.

AUG 18 - Easily Manage Your Site from Your Phone or Tablet


We've just made some huge improvements to the mobile experience for the Thinkific admin dashboard - great news for anyone who wants to get updates on the go or make quick changes whilst away from their computer. Now, you can easily manage your site from anywhere!

Latest Updates: Course duplication, plus instant video embedding

New Feature

Some excellent updates for you this week! Find out more below...

Easily duplicate a course from your admin dashboard > Visited your My Courses page lately? Then you’ve probably noticed the new ‘Duplicate Course’ button that appears when you hover over one of your courses! Here’s what it does

Insert video from your Video Library directly into a WYSIWYG editor > Looking to combine your videos with some text, images, or other content for your sales page or as part of a lesson? Our WYSIWYG editors now include a button called ‘Insert Video From Your Library’, making this super simple :) Find out more

New Blog Post: How To Price Your Online Course

Blog Article

Need some guidance on pricing your course? Our latest blog post is well worth a read. Check it out here

Latest Updates: Students now able to manage their subscriptions! Plus, Italian language support

New Feature

Hi all! Here's the latest from our awesome product team...

Improved student subscription management > Running courses with monthly subscription pricing? Your students can now view and manage their own subscriptions directly from their Account page, leaving you more time for the fun stuff :) Find out more

Italian language now available > Ciao Italia! Italian is the latest language available for your Thinkific site. Try this or one of our 8 other available languages out from the Basic Settings page of your admin dashboard! More info

Latest Updates: Improved User Search, ConvertKit Integration, Tabbed Theme Editor, Quaderno for PayPal, Slovenian Language Support

New Feature

Here's a quick update on all the great things we've been working on recently for you guys. And keep an eye out because there's many more to come over the next few weeks!

  • Free text search for users > Need to quickly find somebody in your users list? We’ve made it easier than ever! You can now do a quick free text search by email address or name. Head to the Users page of your dashboard to try it out!
  • Integration with ConvertKit > ConvertKit is a tool we know many of you are using to manage your email marketing, so we went ahead and teamed up with them! Using our integration, new students can automatically be created and tagged in ConvertKit, saving you tons of time. Find out more
  • New-and-improved theme editor > Customizing the HTML/CSS of your Thinkific site just got a whole lot simpler! The latest updates to our theme builder include jazzy new syntax highlighting, and tabs for easily switching between different pages that you’re working on. 
  • Tax tracking for PayPal > Quaderno is an invoicing app that allows you to easily track taxes for your sales based on where you and your customers are located, and it’s now available for both Stripe AND PayPal payments taken via Thinkific. More info
  • Slovenian language now available > Zdravo Slovenija! You can now translate all student-facing areas of your site to Slovenian. Head to the Basic Settings page of your admin dashboard to change the language of your site!

Latest Updates: Quiz Importer, Draft Content, Assets for Themes, Finnish Language Support, & more

New Feature

The team have been busy making lots of product updates recently that we’re excited to share with you! Check out the details below. We’re sure you’ll love them :)

  • Instantly build quizzes > Already got your quiz questions all planned out? Create your quiz on Thinkific in no time using our nifty new quiz importer. Here's how
  • Set lessons as ‘Draft’ > Crafting the perfect content takes time. You now have the option to set a lesson as ‘draft’, allowing you to add to a course without existing students seeing the work-in-progress. More info here
  • Asset library for Themes > Creating your own custom coded theme? If so, good news! You’re now able to upload and manage all of your design assets (including images, fonts, etc) directly from the Themes page! Full details here
  • Add categories to your student dashboard > For instructors teaching large numbers of courses, there’s now a way to keep things nicely organized for your students by adding a dropdown list for categories to your student dashboard. Find out how
  • Finnish language now available > Hei Suomi! Finnish is the latest addition to the collection of languages available for your Thinkific site, joining German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Brazilian Portuguese. Head to the Basic Settings page to go Finnish! More info 
  • Set your own non-primary custom domain > We’ve streamlined the process for setting up your custom site address, and you’re now able to add a non-primary custom URL for your site directly from your admin dashboard. Instructions here

Custom Theme Developers: v1.2.1 now available


Are you using your own custom coded theme? This update helps you add new functionality to your site. (Note: updates are always automatic for regular users! This notice only applies to custom code.) This is a patch release that provides a series of minor updates to your theme.

Read more here

Custom Theme Developers: v.1.2.0 now available


Are you using your own custom coded theme? This update helps you add new functionality to your site. (Note: updates are always automatic for regular users! This notice only applies to custom code.) This is a minor version upgrade that adds the course review, forgot password and user account pages to your existing themes. 

Read more here

New Features: Payment Plans, Share Revenue, Upload from Dropbox, Change your Language, Infusionsoft & lots more

New Feature

We're excited to announce a number of major feature additions today! Our team has been very busy making Thinkific even more awesome for each of you - dive in and try them out.

  • Payment Plans & Additional Prices > You can now completely tailor how you price your courses! Want to offer your course for 3 monthly payments of $19? Or perhaps one price for the basic version and a second price for your course + bonus coaching? We make it easy. Full details here. 
  • Share RevenueSometimes courses are a team effort. Now, track what you owe to all the different stakeholders for your courses. Paying multiple instructors has never been this easy! Read more. 
  • Change your sites's LanguageTeaching in a language other than English? You can now change the language of your site, with just one click in your site's basic settings area. Switch to German, Spanish, French, Dutch, or Portuguese today (or email us your vote on the next languages we should add!)
  • Upload from the CloudAre your videos stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, or another cloud service? No need to download them - now you can instantly upload them directly from the cloud! Visit your Video Library from your dashboard to upload cloud-hosted content. 
  • Infusionsoft IntegrationDo you use Infusionsoft? Integrate now via integrations in your dashboard to automatically tag your Infusionsoft customers with activity in Thinkific. Magic! Learn more. 
  • Change LogAnd of course - if you're reading this, you've also found our new change log. Stay in the know by watching for new updates here! 

Custom Theme Developers: v.1.1.0 now available


Are you using your own custom coded theme? This update helps you add new functionality to your site. (Note: updates are always automatic for regular users! This notice only applies to custom code.) This is a minor version upgrade that allows you to define custom code (javascript, css, etc) that will be run on the landing page of a specific course or bundle, which you can optionally add to your existing theme. Read more here. 

Blog Post: The Complete Blueprint To Selling On Webinars

Blog Article

Our latest post is up! We've put together everything you need to know to put webinars to work for you. Check it out!

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